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Neph's Natives is a Florida native plant nursery in Seminole County. We love bringing naturally-grown, ethically-sourced, Florida ecotype native plants to our community. 

Plant natives for environmental kindness, conservation of biodiversity, and the joy of experiencing Florida's beautiful and fascinating natural world from your own back (and front!) yard.

For much more information on Florida native plants, please visit

Our Vision

Neph's Natives aims to improve access to Florida native plants by creating modern and convenient shopping options while supporting Florida growers. In offering these services, we strive to encourage more gardeners and landowners to choose native plants whenever and wherever possible in an effort to support local biodiversity, minimize the negative environmental impacts of development, and increase enjoyment and appreciation of natural Florida


Founder of Neph's Natives, Stephanie Donoghue, is a life-long nature lover and self-proclaimed plant nerd. A Florida native, she earned her B.S. in Environmental Science from UCF where her favorite course was Plant Taxonomy. She has worked with The Nature Conservancy and has been a board member for chapters of the Florida Native Plant Society and Florida Master Naturalist Program. Stephanie has been a member of the Florida Native Plant Society since 2007 and is also a member of the Florida Wildflower Foundation. Her hobbies outside of native plant gardening include nature photography (@floridology), exploring Florida's natural places, cooking, and crochet. 

From Stephanie...

Because many have asked..."Neph" is a childhood nickname given to me by my grandpa for some long-forgotten reason. My family has just been calling me Neph for as long as I can remember. I liked the alliteration with the word "natives", but I also thought it fitting to pay homage to my early childhood when I first developed my love and admiration for the natural world - an easy thing to do growing up with Florida's springs, forests, and beaches. I'm so grateful for that foundation and draw from it daily for courage and drive to help conserve this marvelous corner of the world.

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